Extensive monitoring of all components and their function as well as comprehensive redundancy and backup solutions in the HADES network guarantee almost 100% availability. Robust and sustainable hardware and quick Plug&Play installation guarantee high performance and easy handling.

Intelligent linking of sensors and actuators via the HADES alarm servers enables automation of incident alarm signalling and status monitoring for the entire construction site workflow. Standardised interfaces and individual triggering for programmable enclosures enable many applications in the construction workflow.

Monitoring of the operating status of sensors relevant for safety and the forwarding of status and operating states to specific participants in the system enable intelligent and effective organisation of the entire jobsite.

  • Software modules for application and management
  • Output and analysis of information in the HADES network
System control
  • Triggering of and retrieval from sensors and actuators
  • Linking of information and actions for alarm signalling
  • Data transmission from various participants in the network
  • Monitoring of hardware and function in the HADES network
  • Alarm signalling and error forwarding for function monitoring of components
  • Monitoring and logging of the notifications