Sewer Tunnel Emscher

Bechler Kommunikationstechnik GmbH receives the order for the delivery of the safety and communication system for the Abwasserkanal BA20 and BA40. Commissioned by the consortium Emscher BA20 and in the follow-up project of the consortium Emscher BA40 consisting of the Porr Bau GmbH Infrastructure Tunnel and the Porr Deutschland GmbH and on behalf and in cooperation with the VMT GmbH / Bruchsal the company Bechler supplies equipment and services for a total of more than 23km tunnels.

For construction site safety and data management, Bechler Kommunikationstechnik supplies:

  • Network infrastructure for above ground and underground data transmission (cables and radio)
  • High-performance, highly-flexible fibre-optic cables with a data transmission rate of 1 Gbit/s (TCP/IP)
  • Complete radio coverage for telecommunications and data transfer on the entire construction site and in the tunnels
  • Connection to the higher-level fixed network and internet
  • Emergency alarm signalling using manual and automatic fire detectors
  • Control centre with analysis and control function
  • Emergency telephony using visual and audible alarm signalling
  • Control centre visualization with analysis and control function for smoke barriers and personnel detection for the BA40
  • Control of sensors (fire detector, smoke curtain, siren and alarm lights)
  • Area-covering and gapless person detection

The system for communication and data transmission ensures the implemenation of the fire and rescue concept of the BA40. In addition, it regulates and ensures for the ARGE Emscher the daily data flow of tunnelling on the contruction site.

The HADES process data management transmitts amongst others the data of safety-relevant systems, which include, for example:

  • communication center in the control room
  • signal and system control (smoke bulkhead control)
  • air quality monitoring (fire detection sensors)

On behalf of the construction company:

  • TBM data mangement
  • Data of navigation system
  • Data connection of the grout plant


After more than 4 years of successful cooperation we congratulate to the successful breakthrough at the BA40!


GERMANY | Abwasserkanal Emscher BA20

Project Start           January 2013

Tunnel Length       3.2 km

Diameter                 2.8 m

Modules                  HADES communication and data network | voice, data and video | access control



Projekt start            August 2014

Tunnel Length       20 km

Diameter                 2.6 m

Modules                  HADES communication and data network | voice and video | real time locating system (RTLS) | fire alarm system | emergency sensors (gas and fire)