The HADES communication and safety system is used to implement all safety-relevant requirements for data acquisition, data transmission and display in tunnel construction. All information and values needed to monitor job sites safety are collected and distributed in the HADES network. Through a comprehensive alerting concept messages and alarms are tracked and forwarded accurately.

With the HADES data system, you are prepared for the requirments of future projects. You lay the foundation for future-oriented technology and support and protect your employees in their daily work.

  • Air quality measurement, gas detection and fire detectors
  • Emergency alarm signalling using manual and automatic detectors and triggers
  • Access control, object detection and object location
  • Access control system at the accesses and barriers
  • Complete coverage without gaps for person and vehicle detection in the tunnel
Emergency alarm
  • Emergency call alarm signalling
  • Emergency telephony using visual / audible alarm signalling in the tunnel
  • Emergency alarm signalling and scenarios